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Healthier Lawn Step Program

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Have you always dreamed of a beautiful lawn?

With our Healthier Lawns 5 Step Program, it is our belief that timing of applications, and using only high-quality products are essential to achieving the best results. Our goal is to make the most efficient use of our fertilizer applications while developing turf that’s healthier and naturally resistant to disease, insects, and weeds.

Our 5 Step Program is designed to use fewer applications by using a slow-release polymer-coated urea (PCU) fertilizer that delivers consistent turf performance by releasing nitrogen and other nutrients over time. We pride ourselves on applying each round at the proper times according to the weather and product being used.


step one

This application is generally applied in April and combines pre-emergent crabgrass control with a slow-release PCU fertilizer.


step two

This application uses selective herbicide for weed control of over 75 different species, including black medic, broadleaf plantain, clover, dandelion, ground ivy (Creeping Charlie), poison ivy, thistle, white clover, and yellow nutsedge.

Sometimes we couple this application with step 3 depending on weather conditions.

This service includes touch-up spraying for the remainder of the year.


step three

This application combines slow-release PCU fertilizer and an insecticide for control of many pests including, but not limited to, bluegrass weevils, crane flies, chinch bugs, June beetles, Japanese beetles, and masked chafers.


step four

The application uses a slow-release PCU fertilizer designed to keep your lawn strong and healthy throughout the remainder of the growing season.


step five

The last application uses a slow-release PCU fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. This promotes strong root development before winter and more green grass in the spring.

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